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Free tier

New users can add two (2) devices for free to test out Mudmap. No credit cards or time limits.

How does it work?#

Simply sign up and get started today. The two device limit lets you test out Mudmap and get a feel for it. No credit card required until you cross the threshold - you're third device.

What happens when I add my third device?#

Adding a third device will trigger a payment screen where you'll have to provide a credit card.

No matter how long you've been a user of Mudmap, you're first payment will be one (1) month after you've connected the third device and added the payment information.

Simply put, test out Mudmap with two devices. Add a third and you'll be paying for each device thereafter on a monthly subscription.

Does this last forever?#

Nothing lasts forever, but it's not going anywhere for a while. Any changes to the free tier will be well publicised and fair notice will be issued.