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Paddle for Payments

Mudmap uses Paddle as its payment gateway. Using Paddle gives Mudmap greater flexibility to provide you with better rates, effiecient tax handling and the option to choose Credit Card or Paypal to make purchases.

paypal support is coming

Paypal is supported by Paddle and at writing yet to be implemented into Mudmap. It will be implemented but if it is a show stopping requirement for you then get in touch via the contact page and let me know.

Paddle also handles all the security for your payments - rest assured that your sensitive financial data is stored by Paddle not Mudmap. This also means disputes, charge backs and fraudulent payments are handled by a company geared for this, rather than relying on Mudmap.

What's this mean for you? All the support, security, payments and invoices are all handled by Paddle. For more information refer to their website.


Payments are linked to your user account. There is no way to change this yet, however it is on the roadmap. Please get in touch if you need to update your accounts email for payments.

I have a payment issue#

If you have a dispute, issue or query, the first point of contact should be the contact page. Should it need more attention, then Paddle can get involved and handle it with their own customer service.